Matcha mit Aussicht

Matcha latte


With this simple recipe you can conjure up a delicious matcha latte in just a few minutes. Perfectly balanced and customizable to your taste - enjoy a soothing matcha experience.


1 tsp (1-2g) organic matcha powder

1-2 tsp sweetener (honey, agave syrup or sugar)

1 cup milk (cow's milk or plant-based milk)

Optional: vanilla extract, flavored syrup

Optional topping: whipped cream or milk foam

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Welcome the day with our organic certified matcha latte recipe 📜

A harmonious combination of exquisite organic matcha, warm water, sweet organic honey and creamy milk. This lightning-quick recipe not only promises a delicious start to the morning, but also offers a wealth of antioxidants to invigorate your senses. Treat yourself to this revitalizing cup and discover the perfect symbiosis of enjoyment and health!🍵✨